What after Etherium 2.0 – Why do we mine Crypto?

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This is just a general post. I want to find out what you want to do and what we should do as a mining community. Personally, there are a few projects I like. Flux, RVN, Ergo etc.

After mining for over 12 months, all I want is transparency. It seems like miners and developers of coins don’t work together on the outcome and development of the coin.

I sit on the fence on this one as I both like to code and mine. If you stuck both communities in a room would they support each other?

OK whats next? lets share and get a general consensus between both communities. This is a short post but I want to hear your thoughts.

Just want to take this into purpose. If the original Crypto, Bitcoin became controlled by people who could purchase 32 or 16 Eth to run a node would it have been so successful?

Lets keep it decentralized?

Would you like to have a coin that you can mined by everyone, that runs at a cost that is affordable. To both end user, miner and developer. I am not against GPU Mining, but surely we can work away from ASICS.

The only problem is we don’t have a fair price, for a fair hash. During my time mining it appears that people on a lower income seem drawn to crypto, yet they cant use it to there advantage.

Your thoughts?

Get in touch, I want to join communities together….

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