Titan Nodes – Get you stakes in quick!

Flux Titan

Staking on Titan Nodes has now launched on the beta platform. Its easy to take part, well if you are fast enough!

The launch was a success and the first nodes were all filled within 24 hours. That’s over 400,000 staked flux. I managed to get my stake in. More are coming online so check to see if they are available.

What do you need to stake?

A minimum of 50 flux is required and the staking periods are 3, 6 and 12 months. To partake you need to go here,


How do you stake?

Well once you are there all you need to do is sign in with your Zelcore wallet. Go to the market place and select shared nodes.

That’s pretty much it, you select the amount and period and the deposit the flux.

Staking Rewards

Flux has an initial APY over 8% but could be revised in the future.

Please remember that once it’s staked it can’t be removed in the period. There are no plans to change this.

The main reason being that effectively you are supporting infrastructure and node. Its not like traditional staking if nodes go down they are not delivering the services they were created for.

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