Titan Nodes – Flux for everyone!

Titan Nodes

I am really excited that this is now so close to launching. It basically opens up the possibility to launch into the Flux ecosystem with a minimum stake.

Initially, Flux and Lumen will establish a joint infrastructure based on the Flux ‘Titan’ shared node services that will start deployment now. The Titan nodes will offer enterprise clients running on Flux all the benefits and security of the Lumen infrastructure, while also having access to the Flux decentralized ecosystem.

Flux has spent the last four years building a one-of-a-kind ecosystem for Web3. Over the years the ecosystem has grown immensely with increased scope. Better tools, more refined technology, more partnerships, more adoption, and, at the center of it all, more raw power in the about 12,000-strong network of decentralized computational nodes

In the true spirit of decentralization. Flux is a community-driven project that is completely self-funded and independent from venture capital and other outside investors.

An opportunity for everyone to join!

Flux is now ready to take the Flux ecosystem to the next level, it’s time to supercharge the Flux computational network and increase adoption. it’s time to start bringing Web3 to the masses, it’s time to unleash the Titan.

Flux and Lumen will work together to bridge the gap between legacy infrastructure and Web3. Allowing everyone one to join in and allowing people to stake smaller amounts.

Bringing enterprise to Web3

As an emerging technology, Web3 depends on innovators like Flux and Lumen to develop and showcase the value proposition of this new technology stack. To grow and develop Web3 further, the next logical step is to open the doors to increased enterprise adoption.

Flux and Lumen aim to increase the adoption of Web3 and the underlying next-gen technologies by creating an attractive technological platform. The platform will be a hybrid solution where Web3 and legacy infrastructure complement each other by mitigating weaknesses and capitalizing on the strengths of each technology stack.

The Titan program enables anyone to participate in deploying Enterprise-level infrastructure for the Flux network and be rewarded for doing so. It provides everyone with an easy way to support Web3 and doesn’t require any technical knowledge as the Titan Flux nodes are managed by Lumen Technologies.

How to participate?

To participate all you need is enough Flux for the minimum Titan collateral and the Zelcore wallet. Once you hold your Flux in Zelcore you will be able to lock it in a 6-month stake and participate in a shared Titan node. After 6 months you will have your collateral returned along with your staking rewards. Nice and easy.

I will keep you posted on the updates for this as it develops. More to come watch this space.

Credit: https://fluxofficial.medium.com/

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