Think outside the box – blockchain in the future!

What could blockchain do in the future? I love data and all things it helps us with in our everyday lives. Blockchains are just decentralized data that can’t be tampered with or devalued or corrupted.

I think that’s why crypto has taken off in a big way. But how can we use it in the future? So far we have games, virtual property, currency, art and more.

All stored on blockchains that are trying to be available for everyone.

What could a blockchain do in the future?

Merger of technologies is bound to happen, imagine augmented reality connected to the blockchain, you automatically know who owns an item and all its attached attributes. Maybe you see a crypto ape attached to a person avatar or more.

I think this makes the technology seem more real and tangible.

Purchasing new products, instead of a barcode its connected via a blockchain to the seller. You know there history and previous selling history so you can make a decision.


Will blockchain be able to make us more connected, swapping earned NFTs. Acquiring new friends in the process.


Owning art and tangible assets, one is stolen. Could you use the technology to identify it. You order it and it is imprinted with your code / eth address / crypto address. Its then found on the other side of the world. Cant the technology be used to join us all together?

This is just a short post, wanted to share some of my thoughts.

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