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The Best Options for Cheap PSU for Mining


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I would recommend this, If you’re looking for something a little bit cheaper than a platinum rated 1600w Corsair power supply unit, then you should check out these server PSUs. With a breakout board and some GPU power cables, you can have 1200 watts (at 240 volts) or 800 W (at 120 volts) of Platinum rated power for under £100!

Server PSU for Mining Power Supply

HP 1200W Platinum Power Supply for Servers

This HP server power supply unit is a great option for a mining power supply. It’s 1200 watts of power on a 240volt plug, or up to 800 watts on a 120 volt/standard household plug. Plus, being platinum rated, you can be sure that it will provide clean, high quality stable power to your expensive mining gpus! It’s one of the best options for a cheap mining rig power supply.

Just like all the other server power supplys listed, you’ll need a plan to get the power to your GPUs. Likely, a high quality breakout board will do the trick, and then the last thing you’ll need is a low power standard computer PSU to power your mining motherboard and hard drive.

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HP Server Power Supply 1200W PSU Mining 94% Platinum Efficiency – ebay UK

HP Server Power Supply 1200W PSU Mining 94% Platinum Efficiency – ebay US

HP Server Power Supply 1200W PSU Mining 94% Platinum Efficiency – ebay Canada

Amazon – Worldwide HP 1200Watt Power Supply **Refurbished**

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Remember you’ll need some other items in order to get the power from your cheap power supply unit to your mining rig GPUs.

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Mining – Recommended Products

Recommended for efficiency and ease of use, ideal for beginners but do your won research as always.


Sapphire Pulse AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT Gaming Graphics Card with 8GB GDDR6 –

AMD Motherboards

Great if you don’t want to shell out on a specialist board for more than 6 GPUs

This is the first in a series that I will post on GPU mining – remember to follow us on social media to keep in touch.


If you would like to do some GPU mining as well look for a higher spec chip.

  • AMD Athlon 3000G 2-Core, 4-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor with Radeon Graphics – Check out the choice page a great choice from multiple vendors.
    • https://geni.us/29Zk5



The more efficient the better for a PSU the below is a platinum PSU – with the added benefit of a 10 year warranty!

EVGA Supernova 1000 P2 80+ Platinum, 1000W ECO Mode Fully Modular NVIDIA SLI and Crossfire Ready 10 Year Warranty

Breakout Boards

PICO Switch

Mining Cases

For me when choosing a case its not really one model – it all depends on the amount of GPUs and you should choose accordingly.

Check out a selection and think what will fits the needs of the RIG you are building.

  • https://geni.us/VVStxh


Not to be overlooked cooling is very important but it also does not really matter about the price look for the airflow – if you like RGB go for it but personally I am staying away from them as they just attract moths etc.

  • Antec 120mm Case Fan, PC Case Fan High Performance, 3-pin Connector, PF12 Series 5 Packs


This is another personal preference but I use hive OS so have found that a USB stick is sufficient and have not had a failure in 9 months with:-


I prefer not to cheap out on RAM and split a 16GB pack into 2 rigs.


I personally use HiveOS – check them out simple and easy to use – plus you can see your Rigs anywhere!

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