Proof of Useful Work – What could it do in the future?

Flux is working hard on making proof of useful work (PoUW) a reality. But we’re not alone in this great endeavor to build sustainable solutions for blockchain. We’re partnering with the Western Switzerland University of Applied Sciences in Geneva to develop PoUW to the benefit of all current and future proof of work blockchains and …

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DADI Node One

Flux Nodes – Install on a PC at Home

Lets keep the network decentralized, below is a guide on how to set up flux nodes at home. Recently I have been looking into broadening my knowledge. I have been working on deploying different types of Crypto Nodes. Mainly Flux and would like to share my knowledge and experiences so far.

How to Mine Flux

Flux is more profitable than mining Ethereum in a lot of situations at the moment, so I thought I would write a guide. I am currently running 2 of my Nvidia Rigs on it and profits are on par if not better than Ethereum at the time of writing.

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