Ryzen 5950X Raptoreum Rig Build

Ryzens latest CPUs perform well on Raptoreum with the Ryzen 9 5950X creating on average 4247 h/s. Below is my Raptoreum Rig build and setup.

CPU mining is a little different from GPU mining, overclocking is completed within the bios at set up. We will go though this in the guide below. XMRig is now also available for Raptoreum. I will give you an update on this in the future it seems to be more profitable.

The 5950X is one of the best CPU for mining, due to the amount of threads which should be a key consideration when picking your CPU.

Parts and Research

Rig Assembly

  1. Research and buy parts
  2. Un-package everything
  3. Install processor and RAM on motherboard
  4. Plug in all riser cables (only applicable if you are dual mining) or a cheap GPU only while you complete installation and setup – this can be removed afterwards.
  5. Place motherboard on mount.
  6. Plug in SSD/SATA hard drive
  7. Connect all GPUs to riser cables and fasten them to custom case. You might need to experiment for optimal spacing to keep the cards cool.
  8. Plug in all power supply connections.
  9. Connect mouse, monitor and keyboard and an internet connection
  10. Check all connections once more
  11. Fire it up and install the operating system and mining software (see additional instructions below).
  12. Make sure fans are fully functional. Start the mining software, tweak settings for maximum hash rates and let it run!

OS Installation

Next, setup on windows and HiveOS are completely different processes. HiveOS have a great guide on getting started, here is our referral link. In my view its far simpler than windows once you get into it:-

Motherboard Software Configuration

This is the main difference to GPU mining, the Bios is where you need to research and do your CPU overclock settings. Every motherboard is different but in general you want to do these updates.

  1. Update the motherboard to the latest BIOS using a USB thumb drive.
  2. Configure Motherboard BIOS with the following settings changes:
  3. If you are GPU / CPU mining.
    • PCIE Subset settings – set these to Gen 1
    • Above 4G Decoding (cryptocurrency mining) should be set to Enabled
    • Turn off HD Audio
    • Set RAM at correct frequency
    • Set Fan at Full Speed
    • Set CPU Frequency at safe overclock – different for each CPU (3800mhz this build)
    • Set voltage to 1 volt (if it crashes increase)
    • AMD Overclocking – Disable
    • Precision Boost Overdrive – Disable
    • Save and reboot

Set up a Wallet

I would recommend setting up a Zelcore wallet or the official Raptoreum Wallet on a local computer.

Selecting a pool

Now its time for you to do your own research – here is a list of pools. I would look for one that is local to you with low latency for best results, but at the moment I am using flockpool.com. I started with R-plant but have moved away from it recently and the results seem better.

Please note, flockpool is now over 51% as of writing – please consider your pool to lower this below 51%. Its your choice but there are some great pools on the link below.

Setting up a flight sheet – HiveOS

  1. First step add your wallet
  2. Select coin RTM
  3. Select the wallet you just added
  4. Select your pool (if your pool is not listed you will need to set it manually)
  5. Click configure pool and select the closest server
  6. If you selected a different pool enter in pool url from the detail on the pools website.
  7. Ensure its set to the gr – ghostrider algorithm and the fork is gr
  8. Set the config overide to “tune-full”: true (this will run a 4 hour test on the cpu – recommended for first time use. After this time it will start mining).
  9. Click Apply and then Click the to the moon button.

XMRig is now also available, I have currently switched my rigs to this software. Same process just enable huge pages. It also does not require the tune full command saving time.

Please also check out this calculator for hash rate and profitability. .

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