Awesome job yet again AMD, the AMD Radeon RX 6600 non XT version offers an attractive hash rate for Ethereum mining when power consumption is considered at just 55 watts. The AMD RX 6600 XT already offered an attractive hash rate relative to its power draw, and now the AMD RX 6600 Non XT looks to compete with it and also the RTX 3060 for Ethereum mining.

RX 6600 Non XT Mining Hashrates

EthereumEthash30.0 Mh/s55 Watts

RX 6600 Non XT Mining Overclocks

Next, we are going to talk about overclocks, please change in small increments to find the ideal sweet spot for your GPU. Some GPUs will perform differently due to the silicone lottery so please do your own research.

RX 6600 Non XT Eth Mining Overclocks

If two numbers are provided, first will be for Windows the second will be for a Linux-based Mining OS.

  • Power Limit (%): 55 Watts / VDD 620
  • Core Clock (CClock): 1305 / 1000
  • Memory Clock (MClock): 1900 / 950
  • Fan Speed (%): 70% ± based on your temps.

RX 6600 Non XT Mining Profitability

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About this item

  • Video Memory: 8GB GDDR6
  • Stream Processor: 1792
  • Game Clock: 2044MHz
  • Boost Clock: 2491MHz
  • Memory Clock: 14 Gbps

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