RTX 3090 Ti Hashrates and Settings

3090 Ti Mining Settings

The RTX 3090 Ti is a beast of a GPU, but does pull a lot of Power at stock settings, 400 watts and more. Revising the overclocks you can achieve over 130 MH/s on Ethereum at 360 to 400 watts. So in review in terms of efficiency there are better cards out there. This card is pulling more power on Ravencoin, Flux and Firo.

If you have cheaper electricity, and the infrastructure to handle the load then this would be a viable option, I would probably recommend a server case setup to try and keep these cool. You may also wish to consider the standard RTX 3090 producing 125 MH/s but slightly more efficient on hash per watt.

Hashrate and Settings

Next, lets go into the hashrates and overclocks, these are based on HiveOs. Please remember that each card is different so please adjust your overclocks in increments to find what is best for your cards.

CoinHashrateCoreMemPower Limit
Ethereum131 MH/s12002900
Flux123 Sols1502000425 Watts
Ravencoin65.7 MH/s13502400
Firo65.6 MH/s13502400
Aion584 Sols1502400300 Watts
Ergo270 MH/s-1502600235 Watts
Cortex3.9 H/s150200320 Watts
Thanks to Red Panda Mining for testing

RTX 3090 Ti Summary

So next, in summary the RTX 3090 Ti pulls a lot of power, so personally I would only buy this card if I had crazy cheap electric and could buy it at a cheap price. I would probably still go for the standard RTX 3090. Maybe mine with this card on the side and use it within your gaming PC.

If you want to see the profitability, you can find it here on WhatToMine. Please remember to adjust to your own power rate.

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