RTX 3060 LHR Mining Performance

The RTX 3060 LHR has been limited on several algorithms. But is slowly being bypassed in part in the latest miner updates to NBMiner etc.

I have been late to the game on these as I have been lucky enough to acquire some 3070 Non LHR cards, but now, with the current supply issues with GPUs I have some of these on order as the limiter is becoming more and more irrelevant over time.

Mining Hashrates

34 MH/s on ethereum. The thing to consider is Ethereum 2.0 will it be stronger on other algorithms?

Buy now or for the future? According to Kryptex this graphics card is providing 34 MH/s on Ethereum. The thing that looks more promising is the 24 MH/s it gets on Ravencoin.


Please adjust the overclocks in small increments to find the ideal sweet spot for your GPU. Some GPUs will perform differently due to the silicone lottery, so please do your own research.

If two numbers are provided, first will be for Windows the second will be for a Linux-based Mining OS.

RTX 3060 LHR Ethash (ETH) Mining Overclocks:

  • Core Voltage (VDD): NA
  • Power Limit (%): 65% or 120w
  • Core Clock (CClock): 0
  • Memory Clock (MClock): +1300 or 1600
  • Fan Speed (%): 70% or more/less based on your temps.

Ravencoin Mining Overclocks – 22 MH/s at 110 Watts:

  • Core Voltage (VDD): NA
  • Power Limit (%): 70% or 120w
  • Core Clock (CClock): 100
  • Memory Clock (MClock): +1000
  • Fan Speed (%): 70% or more/less based on your temps.

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