Raptoreum – CPU Mining Overclocks

In this post I will be detailing, Ryzen AMD CPU overclocks for Raptoreum mining, get in touch via Discord if you would like us to test yours.

DISCLAIMER: Before proceeding, you must understand that by doing a CPU overclocking you could damage your CPU or motherboard and you will not be able to use it anymore.

Next, in most cases, the warranty is voided by doing so. We do not take any responsibilities if you happen to damage your hardware.

Ryzen 3800X Rig Build and Overclocks

  1. If you are CPU mining.
    • Turn off HD Audio
    • Set RAM at correct frequency
    • Set CPU Fan at Full Speed
    • Set CPU Frequency at safe overclock – different for each CPU
    • Set voltage to 1 volt (if it crashes increase)
    • AMD Overclocking – Disable
    • Precision Boost Overdrive – Disable
    • Save and reboot


  • 3.8 MHz 1.00v – for efficiency
  • 4.2 MHz 1.35v temps around mid 60°C POB on = hastate so far ~2k MH/s – for performance

Next, lets give a shout out to Brandon Coin for pulling together the below video.

3900X Rig Build and Overclocks

Raptoreum Rig Builds

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