Nvidia - Most Powerful GPUs for Mining


These are the fastest Nvidia graphics cards right now, for mining and gaming purposes with the RTX 3090 hitting 125 mh/s on Ethereum – check out the hashrates below.

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If you would like another option and something a little expensive and power hungry check out our 1660 Super Review. 

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What is Web3? Blockchain and more.

Well what is web3, “, Web3 represents the next phase of the internet and, perhaps, of organizing society. Web 1.0, the story goes, was the era of decentralized, open protocols, in which most online activity involved navigating to individual static webpages.

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DADI Node One

Flux Nodes – Install on a PC at Home

Lets keep the network decentralized, below is a guide on how to set up flux nodes at home. Recently I have been looking into broadening my knowledge. I have been working on deploying different types of Crypto Nodes. Mainly Flux and would like to share my knowledge and experiences so far.

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