Mining Accessories – Rig and Heat Management!

crop focused repairman fixing graphics card on computer

This post is aimed at solving some of the problems that I have had with rig management. With the main aim being to keep my rigs clean and running all day everyday.

Although for the main I have had few issues, temperature control and being able to replace components quickly is a must. Having a few back up parts ready to go. Also being ready to manage heat and electricity consumption is very important.

I will give you a breakdown below of some of they key bits of kit you need to consider to keep your rigs going 24/7.

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Heat Management

Once you have a few rigs, heat management becomes more of an issue. Air flow is key to keeping the temperature of your graphics cards down.

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan with Speed Controller

You will need to get some ducting as well, search for what meets the requirements of your room.

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Rig Cleaning

Although mine are not super clean, I do try to give them a once over monthly.

Falcon Dust, Off Compressed Gas

This is a quick solution to give your rigs a blast off and get some of the dust from inside and outside. I started using this and then moved on to an electric blower as I had more graphics card to keep clean.

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Compressed Air 3.0- Multi-Use Electric Air Duster

I moved onto using an electric duster, if you are into mining for the long term I would recommend one of these.

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Cable Management

When I started with an amazon shelf, I had a motherboard short mainly due to poor cable management. Keeping your rig clean and neat helps a lot.

VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Ties

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