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Madmax Chia Plotter Tutorial


Command Lines to activate script in PowerShell:

Chia plotting has just got whole lot faster with the MadMax plotter – having used this for a little while it has speeded up the process tremendously. I have shared some of the basics below:-

  1. cd C:\Users\Alex\Downloads\madMAx43v3r_chia-plotter_win_build_v0.0.3-alpha\ (Change this to you actualy MadMax plotter download path)
  2. .\chia_plot -n 4 -t "Z:\" -2 "Z:\" -d "E:\" -p "YOUR PUBLIC KEY GOES HERE" -f "YOUR FARMING KEY GOES HERE" -r 24

How to Install Mad Max Chia :

  1. Download Microsoft C++ & Install (If not already installed)
  2. Download Chia MadMax v0.0.4 Releases · stotiks/chia-plotter · GitHub 1.3k (Just copy files somewhere easy to access)
  3. Open Windows PowerShell
  4. Run command “set-executionpolicy remotesigned” and select YES to ALL (this is to be able to activate the commands in the Powershell Script)
  5. open cmd.exe and type in command to display your keys: C:\Users\Alex\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-1.1.7\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon\chia.exe keys show

6.Run Scripts (Run Power Shell in Windows Powershell) For me: {C:\Users\Alex\Downloads\madMAx43v3r_chia-plotter_win_build_v0.0.3-alpha\chia_plot.exe PublicKEY1 PublicKEY2 z:/ z:/ 12 7}

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