Flux is more profitable than mining Ethereum in a lot of situations at the moment, so I thought I would write a guide. I am currently running 2 of my Nvidia Rigs on it and profits are on par if not better than Ethereum at the time of writing.

Looking for something to mine after Etherium 2.0 – check out our guide and builds.

At the moment Nvidia GPUs have been better with the current mining software, but you can mine on AMD as well. With the difficulty on Ethereum increasing this is becoming more and more profitable.

Flux is slightly different to Ethereum, I have found it to be a little more core intensive. But not on the same scale as RVN. Try upping the core and power a little and hash rates increase. Then tone back to the sweet spot for each gpu.

Choosing a Wallet

The main wallet for flux is the Zelcore wallet, its pretty simple to use and set up and is custodial.

Selecting a Pool

I mine using minerpool.org but check out the selection here:-

Select a Miner

For Nvidia GPU’s we recommend GMiner or MiniZ (Guide – How to use GMiner).
For AMD GPU’s we recommend lolMiner (Guide – How to use lolMiner / MiniZ Miner).

Setting up on HiveOS

  1. Join HiveOS if you have not already – referral link below. I do all my mining on it, its simple and easy to use and you can control your rigs anywhere on Mobile and Web Browser.
  2. Add your flux wallet.
  3. Add a new flight sheet.
  4. Select Coin – Flux
  5. Select your Wallet
  6. Select your pool – pick the one closest to you for lowest latency.
  7. Pick your miner – in my case Mini Z
  8. Ensure that Algorithm, Wallet and Worker Address, Pool and Port set.
  9. If you are using minerpool you will need to set a password in the pass section to change your payout thresholds.

HiveOS Flight Sheet Config

This is how your flight sheet will look like it you are dual mining – its the second entry.

Profitability and Payouts

Flux is parallel mined so you get paid twice effectively, usually the main coin and then parallel assets on a weekly basis. This bolsters your mining income. You can check out your estimated revenue here.

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