How to Mine ERGO in HiveOS

With Ethereum mining coming to an end, I have been looking to diversify and test out other GPU mineable coins. With this in mind I thought I would try Ergo.

ERGO is a new coin that is mined with the AUTOLYKOS2 algorithm.

Thanks to for getting me started, and please leave your comments and any helpful ideas.

Ergo is now supported on ethermine so I will be using that for this guide.


First of all we need to have a wallet or Exchange of ERGO. For the wallet you can download from github of ERGO or Yoroi Wallet – here is the list of current wallets:-


ERGO Exchanges

Probably one with most movements is CoinEX.

To start to mine ERGO in HiveOS we need to add the Wallet to our Wallets

Add a Wallet in HiveOS
Fill the information of the wallet

Now we have it and we have to go to the Fligh Sheet to add the configuration:

Here is a list of ERGO mining pools:-

We choose the Coin ERG, later our Wallet, the pool I select for example ethermine and the miner of your choice.


Ethermine list these if you would like to install on windows.


Download & Configuration Guide  


Download & Configuration Guide  


Download & Configuration Guide  

ERGO in herominers

This is optional and personal preference – when we are inside the configuration we should have it like that. I recommend to add –watchdog off . That parameter will make never stop mining if a GPU goes down. It will show if goes down which GPU is not mining and it will be easy to find the problem excess of OC or Undervolt, Riser, Mobo or PSU… normally in that order.

herominers, 666pool, woolypooly

In case you choose nanopool and you like to have the EMAIL you should do it like the photo, instead %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME% it has to be changed to %WAL%/%WORKER_NAME%/YOUR_EMAIL_HERE


Now we only need to put a name to our flight sheet and create it:

Create flight sheet

Now we only need to launch the flight sheet directly clicking the rocket in your rig:

launch flight sheet

You will see something like this:

Enjoy your mining of ERGO.

Final Snapshots

This has been relatively simple and easy to setup – please leave us your feedback and what you are mining. Now time to work out the overclocks – not that’s another post in itself – remember to go from base in small increments.

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