How to Mine AVN on Windows

With AVN (Avian Network) now taking some of the hashrate from RTM, I have decided to do a little bit of speculative mining on this coin as well.

It may not go anywhere in the future and as network hash rate grows, please keep an eye on profitability.

Choosing a Wallet

First thing to do is choose a wallet, at this point in time options are quite limited and you will need to download the AVN wallet from the official site. Choose the one relevant to your platform.

Next, you can create a receiving address.

  • File
  • New Receiving Address
  • Add a label of your choice
  • Create

Copy the receiving address to to a notepad, in readiness for setting up the miner later. You wont see any received funds until the blockchain has synced.

Selecting Your Mining Software

Currently there are two options available. I will give you a breakdown of each and update this post when more come online.

SRB Miner Setup

Download the latest version of SRB miner, it way be flagged as dangerous. If you are using chrome press “ctr and J”, then keep files.

  • One downloaded extract the files
  • If your antivirus does not like the application restore it and add it as an exception.
  • Click on the SRBMiner application, right click, change settings for all users and then click run as administrator.

Choosing a Pool

AVN pools are listed on the tab below, I would not select anything over 50%. Choose a pool local to you I am going to use coinminerz for this setup.

  • Go to your pool:
  • Copy the stratum to a notepad – this is mine: stratum+tcp://

Setting up the SRB Miner Bat File

In this section, go back to the miner folder. You will have to amend another bat file and save it.

  • SRB Miner has the file saved as text, click save as add avn to the title and change it to all files. This should then save it as a .bat file.
  • Amend the name of the agorithm “to –algorithm minatourx”
  • Change the name of your pool to your choice “–pool stratum+tcp://”
  • Add in your wallett address and worker name “–wallet RErvpuoXRhRAv2XsortzEiALPuQePM4SiL.testrig1”
  • Add password if required (on some pools this is needed to change the payout amount) -p
  • Run the miner

Below is how mine looks, I needed to let this through my firewall at this point.

SRBMiner-MULTI.exe –disable-gpu –algorithm minotaurx –pool stratum+tcp:// –wallet RErvpuoXRhRAv2XsortzEiALPuQePM4SiL.testrig1 -p testrig123

More to come….

I will update this guide in due course with profitability and how to exchange AVN. There are currently 2 available. TradeOgre and Exbitron.

If you are interested in my rigs, here is the spec for the 3900X Rig I am using:-

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