Flux GIF Competition Guide

Well as you may have seen on Twitter, we are holding a competition for the best GIFs. This is aimed at driving more onto the Twitter Library which is fed by Tenor.

Please remember to update the caption, this seems to help make them appear!

Its super easy to create an account and tag. Its also really easy to add them to GIPHY. I would appreciate it if you could also add them to the linked libraries and add them but I will as well.

Competition Terms

Ok its pretty simple really, here are the rules:-

  • Tag 2 Friends or more and like and retweet the post
  • Follow @runonflux and @techsocialnet on twitter
  • Winner announced on the 17th July 2022

Competition Rewards

The winner will receive 100 Flux and £50 pounds to a charity of their choice. I will send a receipt so they will need to accept dirty Fiat unfortunately.

How to Make a GIF

In this next section I will post a couple of Youtube Videos I have found that could help. This video will show you how to download a GIF from twitter.

Credit: tech insider

Ok you know how to download a GIF, here is how you can amend one or make one from scratch.

Credit: Tech Boomers

Once complete add to Tenor and Giphy. Simples.

Competition Thread

Check out the thread, keep in touch and follow us on twitter.

And we have a winner!

This has been a great show effort by the Flux community. 50 pounds donated to https://twitter.com/solidarios_vzla a great choice and cause to support. Also thank Dan and the Flux team for the 100 Flux donation.

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