Crypto Exchanges – which one is the best for a miner?

crypto exchanges

Crypto Exchanges all differ and offer different benefits. I am looking at this from the perspective of a miner. Sometime having to dip into funds to pay the electric.

The big difference between Cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges is that the purpose of exchanges isn’t to keep or store your cryptocurrency. More to invest and trade Crypto.

If you want to keep your crypto fully secure, use a hardware wallet.

Top Choices

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  • First, benefit of coinbase is that you can get your funds sent directly to PayPal for free.
  • Mining directly to the exchange to avoid gas fees for asset transfer.
  • Finally, fees are ok, but use the exchange instead of the platform its cheaper.

  • First, the card is good if you want to transfer and use Crypto with a Visa Card.
  • Next, you can stake and earn APR on some of the top assets, Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • You may need a larger amount of Crypto to invest, so I use this for my longer term invents.
  • Finally, the supercharger, I got lucky and one was Shiba before the pump.


  • Lower fees than other commonly used exchanges.
  • Large variety of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs.
  • Main reason this is in third is that I don’t really like the apps

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