NVIDIA P104-100 Mining Overview

The P104 is an old card now, and is not as efficient as some of the newer cards, the A2000 or 6600 for example. Yet if you can pick it up at the right price and have a lower power tariff can still be profitable.

BC-160 Mining Graphics Card Mining – 72 MH/s at 120 Watts!

This AMD card was originally intended for cloud servers, but it has now grabbed the attention of miners. Due to offering a potential of 72 MH/s on Ethereum

RX 5600 XT Mining Overview and Overclocks – 40 MH/s at just 90 watts!

The 5600 XT is one of the most efficient graphics card every made for GPU mining. Providing 44 MH/s at circa 55 watts on Team Red Miner who have lead the way for AMD cards.

RTX 3080 Ti LHR Mining Overview and Overclocks – 87 MH/s!

Nvidia's 3080 Ti is a beast of a graphics card, with the new NBMiner updates its getting 87-88 MH/s on Ethereum.

GTX 1080 TI 11gb Mining Overview and Overclocks – 44 MH/s

The 1080 Ti requires a modification to get to the full potential of the card. This is called the “pil”, and its a built in command on the overclocks section of HiveOS.

RX 480 8gb Mining Overview and Overclocks – 31.4 MH/s

AMD's RX 480 8GB delivers a stable 31 Mh/s on Ethereum once the bios is updated. So, in my view this old dog still has some life in it yet.

RTX 2060 Non Super Mining Overview and Overclocks – 31.8 MH/s

Nvidia's last gen 2060 Non Super does not have the hashrate of the 2060 super. Bit I have seen it in stock at a lot of retailers.

RTX A5000 Mining Overview and Overclocks – 102 MH/s!

Power Limit (%): 230 Watts Core Clock (CClock): 0 / -170 Memory Clock (MClock): 1300 / 2600 Fan Speed (%): 70% ± based on your temps.

GTX 1660 TI Mining Overview and Overclocks

A great card, I have 5 GTX 1660 TI graphics cards, if you can pick them up at the right price they are still pretty efficient. Also with Ethereum moving to proof of stake in the future I am looking for alternatives and these cards seem to run quite well with Flux

RTX 3060 LHR Mining Performance

The RTX 3060 LHR has been limited on several algorithms. But is slowly being bypassed in part in the latest miner updates.