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Multiple Flux Nodes with Proxmox Guide

If you want to run Multiple Flux Nodes, check out this post. Proxmox uses a modified Ubuntu kernel to run multiple virtual machines and containers.

Proof of Useful Work – What could it do in the future?

Flux is working hard on making proof of useful work (PoUW) a reality. But we’re not alone in this great endeavor to build sustainable...

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Flux Nodes – Time to Diversify

Well you may not know but this started as a mining blog. But with the increasing costs of electricity in Europe and the downturn...

Flux Node Hardware – What do you need to set up a Cumulus Node?

Well the simple answer is, their are lots of options. If you have a pc that you don't need anymore and meets the specs that would be the easiest way to start. I now have 5 nodes hosted at home and you can possibly add up to 8 with uPnP setup on your router.

Running a Presearch Node on Flux – Super Simple!

I have set up 3 Presearch Nodes on flux, with a 1 flux fee per month at the moment its one of the cheapest options to host. Basically paying for running a node in a day or two.

Best Mining GPUs

Check out our list of the best mining GPUs, below are links to all our reviews including, hashrates, overclocks and any GPU issues and advice including updating Bios Mods and Thermals.

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