Crypto Exchanges – which one is the best for a miner?

Crypto Exchanges all differ and offer different benefits. I am looking at this from the perspective of a miner. Sometime having to dip into funds to pay the electric.

What is DeFi?

Definition DeFi (or “decentralized finance”) is an umbrella term for financial services on public blockchains, primarily Ethereum. With DeFi, you can do most of the...

Raptoreum, How to CPU mine

Since Crypto has started to go mainstream though there are more legitimate opportunities to make money with your CPU. The main one has been XMR (Monero), but it has not been profitable for quite awhile, in fact for some people it actually costs you more to mine it than you can sell it for.

Ethereum NFT Sales Yield Over $650K for Journalistic Causes

Fortune magazine and artist pplpleasr donate half of the funds raised by last month’s NFT magazine cover auctions. Great news - I have been looing into NFTs for some time now and would like to know your thoughts and what the best place to start is. Drop us a line on social media or in the comments.

SHIB Hits Coinbase – What are your thoughts on the coin?

What are you thoughts on SHIB hitting Coinbase - do you think other crypto currencies deserve it more? Leave us your comments we would like to here your thoughts.

Latest version of open-source Bitcoin Core software released

this release are the mainnet and testnet activation parameters for the taproot soft fork (BIP341) which also adds support for schnorr signatures (BIP340) and tapscript (BIP342).

Solana Flips Dogecoin to Become Seventh-Largest Cryptocurrency

Amidst growing NFT and DeFi use, Solana continues its propulsive rise and dethrones the leading meme coin.

Solana nets its first million-dollar NFT sale and it’s for a Degenerate Ape

The Solana blockchain has now seen its first million-dollar NFT sale. Blockchain advisory firm Moonrock Capital purchased one of the Degenerate Ape Academy NFTs for 5,980 SOL on Saturday, worth $1.1 million. NFTs seem to be growing in popularity - please leave your comments would you invest in one?

Liquid staking protocol Lido now supports Solana’s SOL token

Lido Finance, a liquid staking protocol which currently supports Ethereum 2.0 and Terra blockchains, has expanded to Solana. The news means Lido's users can now stake Solana's native SOL token through the protocol and receive stSOL in return.

Crypto to be sold via Post Office app

Cryptocurrencies will soon be available to buy via the Post Office’s EasyID verification app, which has over 10 million users, according to a report in the Telegraph. Wow, didn't expect this but a small step forward. Just wish I could get my mail on time....