Crypto Mining and Solar Power – Looking to the future!

I have been busy looking forwards to the future and more sustainable energy options. If you are considering Solar for mining check out the post.

El Salvador has started mining bitcoin with Volcanos

El Salvador has officially started using volcanos to mine bitcoin, according to its president Nayib Bukele. So far, it has mined 0.0059 BTC, worth $260. It's great to see them making Bitcoin more green, more of this in the future please - other countries take note and see how you can help make the blockchain more efficient across all Crypto.

Alibaba says it will block sales of cryptocurrency mining equipment

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba said Monday that, beginning on October 8, it will halt the sales of cryptocurrency mining...

NFT Marketplace Review

With NFTs exploding in popularity—and price—we take a look at the marketplaces where you can buy and sell these unique digital art tokens. Please do research on the artist, I learnt this lesson when one of my cheaper NFTs was delisted.

Crypto hedge fund launches actively managed ether and bitcoin trusts

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes A crypto investment firm is launching two new products that aim to offer accredited investors the opportunity to add...

Dfinity to Launch Bitcoin Smart Contracts on the Internet Computer

Dfinity’s moves are part of a wider-scale industry initiative to make Bitcoin usable in DeFi and Web 3.0 - Read More

Blockchain startup Blockdaemon raises $155 million in Series B funding

Blockdaemon, a New York-based startup that builds blockchain nodes and other tech, has raised $155 million at a valuation of $1.26 billion. 

Ethereum NFT Sales Yield Over $650K for Journalistic Causes

Fortune magazine and artist pplpleasr donate half of the funds raised by last month’s NFT magazine cover auctions. Great news - I have been looing into NFTs for some time now and would like to know your thoughts and what the best place to start is. Drop us a line on social media or in the comments.

Meme Stock AMC Is Now Accepting Crypto—But Not Dogecoin

AMC is adding Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more, but the top meme coin isn’t part of the meme stock firm’s plans. In brief Movie theater chain AMC...

El Salvador brings Chivo ATMs to the US

El Salvador has brought its Chivo bitcoin ATMs to several U.S. cities, a move aimed at making it easier and cheaper to send remittances abroad to friends and family in the Central American country. I think in the future this will become more widely adopted - we can see it now that people are using it to send aid to those who need it the most.