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  • Web 3 – Will it be mass adopted?
    The year was 1977, the telephone was already in operation, and the first single-chip processor (which was going to ignite the PC revolution) had already been invented.
  • Flux – Moving on up
    The nightmare of every investor in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Prices plummet, investments lose steam
  • Web3 – My journey into the Flux Ecosystem – Part 1 Websites
    As an aspiring Data Scientist, Web Developer, GPU Miner and all round futurist. I find the world of Web 3 fascinating. Last year I started my journey mining Flux. Now I have deployed Flux Nodes on my infrastructure at home.
  • Titan Nodes – Get you stakes in quick!
    Staking on Titan Nodes has now launched on the beta platform. Its easy to take part well if you are fast enough!
  • Titan Nodes – Flux for everyone!
    I am really excited that this is now so close to launching, it basically opens up the possibility to launch into the Flux ecosystem with a minimum stake.