Best Mining Server PSU Breakout Board

In this post, I am going to feature the best breakout board for server power supplies. It literally has everything you need to get rid of a very expensive ATX power supply.

Why is this the best? It eliminates the problems that you get with cheaper boards.


  • You don’t need a pico switch – you can plug a high duty cable straight into mobo.
  • In built fan hub.
  • Cross connection with other server PSUs and ATX if needed.
  • SATA connector for SSD


The only one I can think of is price compared to a cheap breakout board, then again a cheap breakout board can be a big point of failure.

ZSX Product Description

Built-in (16) PCI-E connectors + PICO 24pin ATX + Fan Hubs with live current and voltage readings. 120Amps rated. Breakout Board Designed for GPU or ASIC mining.

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Full Youtube Review

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