Axie Infinity is launching a decentralized exchange

Axie Infinity, one of the most popular blockchain gaming startups, is bridging the nascent gaming world with the market for decentralized finance with the launch of a new decentralized exchange. 

As time goes on, there seems to be more and more exchanges – but who will win out and be the exchange of exchanges for NFT games. Seems like Binance will take the lead…

The new product, announced exclusively on The Scoop podcast, will facilitate the trading of tokens used within its ecosystem. Axie Infinity,  launched by Sky Maven, allows users to buy, sell, and breed creatures called “axies.” 

The ConsenSys-backed project has become the zeitgeist of the crypto market in the Philippines where players are playing the game to earn crypto that supplements their existing income. 

While the project has seen its user-base grow from some 38,000 active users in April to around 1.7 million active users in August, interest has waned in recent weeks. Weekly volume declined from $220M from peak to around $130M.

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