AMD RX 5500 XT 8GB Mining Overview – Maybe better options?

The RX 5500 XT is the lowest in class of the 5000 series AMD cards. I have one of these and managed to get 27.5 MH/s at a reasonable wattage.

Although, thinking about it I would probably have gone for the 5600 XT for better efficiency at this point.

Mining Hashrates – 5500 XT VS 5600 XT

Next, lets do a comparison to see what the 5500 XT can deliver vs the 5600 XT. These can change with mods to the card with RBE and MPT.

5500 XT

5600 XT

  • Ethereum (Ethash) 27 MH/s at 67 Watts System

  • 0.40 Hash per Watt (27/67)

  • A little more could be achieved with mod but nothing campared to the 5600XT

  • Ethereum (Ethash) 40 MH/s at 90 Watts System

  • 0.44 Hash Per Watt (40/90)

  • The above has per watt is conservative as you can further bios mod this card with More Power tool to achieve more

Mining Profitability

Please check out WhatToMine for the latest profitability, these change constantly and it varies by your power rate.

With this rig being on the lower side of Power Consumption the below setup should work.

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