AMD Bios Mod – Get more hashrate!

Bios Modding is definitely something that you do at your own risk. That being said it does give you a boost to your hashrates. In some instances across a rig it can add up to another card for free.

Next in this post, I will be giving a breakdown on how to bios mod your cards. I have done my RX 580, 480 and 470 cards. You can also mod the 5700xt but this is a slightly different process.

As I use HiveOS my guide be based around this, it makes the process a lot simpler than windows.

HiveOS Bios Mod

It’s really easy to bios mod in HiveOS, this is why I switched from windows for my rigs. Referral link below go check them out.

RX 580, 480 and 470

  • First, go to the overclocking tab and download the vBios.
  • Next at this point its a good idea to make a backup, in both HiveOS and you local computer.
  • Download and install “Polaris Bios Editor” from this site.
  • Open the bios in “Polaris Bios Editor”, re-save the bios as anything you like. In my case “modded_580”.
  • Click on the one time timing patch button and select the options applicable to your memory type.
  • Next, Save the modded bios.
  • Finally, use the HiveOS overclock tool to flash the card with the new bios.

It’s really simple, but when I searched online I only found all sorts of complicated answers,

My hashrate jumped by 3.5 MH/s on each GPU after flashing the bios.

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