6700 XT Mining Settings and Overview

The 6700 XT for mining might not be first choice, but it is in stock in the UK at least. Should we consider it? Its on par mining Ravencoin with a 3060 and probably a little cheaper.

At 48 MH/s its not quite on par with 5700xt in terms of Ethereum, it is on Ravencoin and with 2.0 coming up in 6 months this should factor into consideration,

AMD RX 6700 XT Hashrate

Ethereum (ETH)48 MH/s
Ravencoin (RVN)23 MH/s
Expanse (EXP)48 MH/s


RX 6700 XT KawPow (RVN) Mining Overclocks:

  • Core Voltage (VDD): 915
  • Power Limit (%): NA
  • Core Clock (CClock): 2300
  • Memory Clock (MClock): 2150 or 1075
  • Fan Speed (%): 70% ± based on your temps.

RX 6700 XT Ethash (ETH) Mining Overclocks:

  • Core Voltage (VDD): 915
  • Power Limit (%): NA
  • Core Clock (CClock): 1115
  • Memory Clock (MClock): 2150 or 1075
  • Fan Speed (%): 70% ± based on your temps.


Next, in this section I would recommend checking WhatToMine for the latest profitability, as you know its always changing.

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MSI RADEON RX 6700 XT MECH 2X 12G OC Graphics Card ‘12GB GDDR6, Core Count 2560, Boost Clock 2620MHz, RGB Mystic Light, 3x DisplayPort, HDMI, Dual Fan Cooling System, PCI-E Gen4 x16, AMD

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