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Intel NUC 10 NUC10i7FNH Review

In Q4 of 2019 Intel launched its latest NUC system; the Intel NUC 10  NUC10i7FNH, which comes equipped with a 10th generation Intel i7 Core Processor. The computer community tend to call NUCs by their code name, and I have seen this NUC referred to by not only its system code name Frost Canyon but also as Comet

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web 3 flux

Web 3 – Will it be mass adopted?

The year was 1977, the telephone was already in operation, and the first single-chip processor (which was going to ignite the PC revolution) had already been invented.

Flux Decentralized Node

Flux – Moving on up

The nightmare of every investor in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Prices plummet, investments lose steam

Titan Nodes

Titan Nodes – Flux for everyone!

I am really excited that this is now so close to launching, it basically opens up the possibility to launch into the Flux ecosystem with a minimum stake.

Flux Staking

Flux Staking on Coinmetro

I have been weighing this up for a little while now and have finally taken the plunge with some of my Flux node rewards.

CPU Mining

CPU Mining

How to Mine AVN on Windows

With AVN (Avian Network) now taking some of the hashrate from RTM, I have decided to do some speculative mining, Check out the guide.

Raptoreum – Mining Pool Update

Flockpool is now over 51% as of writing – maybe time to consider your pool to lower this below 51%. Its your choice but there are some great pools.

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